“Extremely passionate company, they do amazing work. I would highly recommend! I would send any of my fine rugs to them for color repair.”

Mario D | Yelp

Issa did an incredible job for our HOA in coloring a couple of bleach/chemical spots on our multi-colored patterned carpet.  The spots were once large and obtrusive, but now they are not noticeable.  We didn’t think it was possible.  Not only does she do amazing work, but she is also responsive, flexible, friendly and patient.  I can’t recommend her and her team highly enough!

Tom S | Yelp

Larissa and her crew came out to our house after some  bleach was spilled on some new carpet we had. By the time the were done, we couldn’t even tell where the spots were!  They were very professional and clean. I highly recommend them!!

Paul T | Yelp

Larissa and Regina helped me recover from a tenant move out nightmare.  Many many bleach stains on the dark blue wall to wall carpet.  Also burn marks.  The carpet was only a few years old but after a professional carpet cleaning it looked years older.   They used a combination of dying the light areas and tufting the burned areas so that the carpet now looks almost as good as new . . . or at the very least like a very very well maintained slightly used carpet.  Phew,  what a relief.  I think of them as carpet magicians.  I highly recommend that you let the Rug Colorist, Larissa and her team, do their magic on your carpet.  Also, prompt, courteous, professional, personable, knowledgeable and happy to share knowledge, etc.

Claire V | Yelp

I was really amazed at how well our carpet came out after Larissa was finished.  After bathroom cleaner dribbled onto our carpet, we were left with a two-foot trail of bleach stains.  Larissa and her crew came in and matched the color perfectly — I wouldn’t have believed that it could be done if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Before I reached out to her, I was convinced that we would have to spend more than $1000 replacing the carpet; instead, we spent a fraction of that.  Equally important, Larissa was so professional, punctual, and easily reachable.  You can tell that she is a very conscientious and customer service-focused business owner.

Courtney C | Yelp

This was an extremely professional Mother Daughter team. They repaired a bleach stain on our gold carpet. It turned out perfect and they were finished within an hour. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with their service.

Mary Mix | Google

Larissa was incredibly professional, courteous, caring and just plain nice in helping us with the potential restoration of a European-made bed coverlet. She came highly recommended to us, and we can understand why. Although in the end the tapestry-like coverlet proved impossible to restore properly due to bleeding of underlying existing dyes when new ones were applied, Larissa clearly devoted a lot of time and effort before concluding it was not possible. Not everything is fixable, but there is no question that we would go back to her in the future if we have another piece that might benefit from her artistic touch. Her love and passion for what she does is amazing.

Robert Berger | Google

So recently, I dripped bleach on my brand new carpet in the hallway starting in the bathroom! Sheer panic set in, but my friend Larissa came to the rescue! She spent five hours neutralizing the fresh bleach marks and perfectly and meticulously matched the carpet color with the dye and fixed my carpet like brand new! So thankful! She was so skilled, knowledgeable with her craft and professional and of course, incredibly gracious! Thank you!

Nicole Lee | Google

Larissa and Regina restored my dark blue wall to wall carpet. It suffered from tenant abuse and neglect. Though it was only a few years old, it looked much older with many bleach stains and a few burn marks. They used a combination of dying the light areas and tufting the burned spots. The result was amazing. It looks now almost as good as new . . . or at the very least, like a clean and very very well maintained slightly used carpet. Their method of carpet restoration is economical, ecological and extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Claire V | Google
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DyeBold is proudly trained by Chris Howell – the industry leader in color restoration. Chris Howell does annual color restoration services for the White House and surrounding federal buildings. Over the course of his career he has restored countless priceless rugs all around the world as well as providing carpet dyeing and bleach repair services in Maryland, US. Drawing from his experience and correspondence, DyeBold seeks to join Mr. Howell in the quest towards excellence and industry leadership. Learn more about Chris Howell and Colorful Carpets by following the link provided.

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