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DyeBold’s Commercial Carpet Dyeing Solution is 60-75% Less than the Cost of Carpet Replacement. Dyeing Also Takes Only a Fraction of the Time Allowing Your Business to Focus on Business and Not Replacing Carpet. Whether You Are Looking to Make Inspection or Just Trying to Bolster Your Image, We Can Help.

We Can Transform a Room in Hours at a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement


Watch the Process in Real Time

This video shows dye being applied to carpet using a heated portable. Once the dye touches the carpet, it is entirely permanent and lasts for the life of the carpet.

The circular motion ensures an even distribution of dye. Once it is completed, we go over any areas that are not even.

Commercial Carpet Dyeing Types

Unsightly Worn Carpet

Carpet Stain Removal

This is a picture of worn out carpet. The picture does not quite capture the dry, nonuniform, and discolored look of the carpet. You know the look!

After ColorClean™ Carpet Clean

Carpet Stain Removal

After the ColorClean™ that cleans and dyes in one step the carpet is looking vibrant on a level no other carpet cleaning can achieve.

After Full Carpet Dye

Carpet Stain Removal

Since the carpet had severe color loss, we added a full carpet dye coat. Now the carpet looks nearly new. Its fresh, vibrant, and ready for years of use.

Side Seam Matching 

Carpet Stain Removal

If you are a carpet distributor and have the trouble of matching up two ends of the same roll of carpet, we can help. We can dye the two areas to a uniform color so it is seamless!

ColorClean™ B&A

Bleach Spot Repair

For regularly cleaned and well maintained commercial carpet we offer a service known as ColorClean™. The service cleans and restores lost colors in one step making it a revolutionary cleaning process.

Full Carpet Dye B&A

Side Match Correction

For well maintained commercial carpet, we offer full carpet dyeing to enhance or change the color of your carpet. In either case the carpet looks fresh and vibrant.

How Does Full Room Dyeing Work?

Mixing the Color Formula

The perfect color formula starts with the perfect color. Our expert will help you pick a custom color that is perfect for your home. Once this color is picked, we then use state of the art software to determine the colors in your carpet and what colors are necessary to make the custom color.

Applying the Color Formula

Once the necessary colors are determined, we mix a custom formula and add it to a special heated portable. The dye is then applied in A circular motion to the carpet to distribute the dye evenly. Sometimes as a second coat is added to the carpet to make everything look vibrant and uniform.

Drying and Fine Details

Once the dye touches the carpet, it is permanent and instantly colorfast. This means there will be no dye transfer from the carpet to anything else in the room. The carpet then dries at the speed of a normal carpet cleaning. Once it is dried, you can move the furniture back into the room.

Costs of Replacement

Carpet is expensive. Not only do you have to buy the carpet and pay to have it installed, but you are also paying with your time. It takes effort to find a perfect color, find a carpet store that carries the color, and put aside everything until the carpet is installed. We value both your time and money.

Utmost Convenience

Dyeing is comparable to getting your carpets cleaned. Whether you are looking to have a bleach spot repaired or have your room dyed, on average the expert will only be in your home for a few hours. Afterward, the carpet dries just like carpet after being cleaned. It is really that convenient.

Bring Out Your Creativity

As long as the color you seek is of an equal or darker shade, we can make you any one of millions of custom color formulas. This gives you full control over determining the perfect color for your carpet that matches your home decor. We can also provide solutions to cover stains and hide dirt.

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Areas We Service in Florida and California

Florida Cities and Locations

We perform residential bleach on carpet repair in the Tampa Bay and the immediate surrounding areas. We do commercial carpet dyeing services in the following cities: Orlando, FL, Lakeview, Tampa, Springhill, and all areas between Tampa and Orlando.

California Cities and Locations

For commercial jobs we service San Fransisco, San Jose, Oakland, and all the way to Sacramento. For residential jobs we only service Castro Valley and the immediate surrounding areas. For more information on the areas we service, don’t hesitate to call us.

Full Room Dyeing
Full Room Dyeing
color change

Trained by the Industry Leader in Color Restoration Services

DyeBold is proudly trained by Chris Howell – the industry leader in color restoration. Chris Howell does annual color restoration services for the White House and surrounding federal buildings. Over the course of his career he has restored countless priceless rugs all around the world as well as providing carpet dyeing and bleach repair services in Maryland, US. Drawing from his experience and correspondence, DyeBold seeks to join Mr. Howell in the quest towards excellence and industry leadership. Learn more about Chris Howell and Colorful Carpets by following the link provided.

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