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Color Restoration

Rugs come in various sizes, shapes and styles, created by a rug designer and crafted with distinct colors, through a rigorous fiber dyeing process. Rugs can easily last decades, depending on its type and construction, however the rug dyes are often damaged by UV rays, improper cleaning, and stains. The Rug Colorist can restore the colors of the rugs via various dye application processes, including airbrushing, needle application and the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Machine.

We Are Expert In

Sun Fading

Rugs can be significantly damaged by sun rays, often leaving rugs unevenly faded. Persian rugs, and rugs with various colors of red tend to be the most affected.

Wine, Coffee & Various Stains

Inevitably, rugs experience spills that often cannot be removed by rug cleaning process alone.

Chemical Damage

Rugs suffer color damage typically when chemicals are accidentally spilled on the fibers, or in an attempt to remove stains with improper over the counter cleaners.

Pet Stain

Pets seem to be attracted to rugs, leading to pet accidents, from urine, to vomit, causing stains and spots which cannot be restored by cleaning alone.

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